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Serving the city of Geneva, Austinburg, Geneva, Harpersfield and Trumbull Townships

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From the desk of Vince Gildone...

Third service EMS and quality of life...
Did you know that in April 2013 Governor Kasich signed House Bill 51, merging Ohio Medical Transportation (OMTB) into the State Board of Emergency MedicalServices. The merged boards were re-titled the State Board of Emergency Medical, Fire and Transportation Services, and the OH AM TBD staff merged into the division of EMS to create a single lead agency for EMS, fire, medical transportation and trauma in the state of Ohio. While this merger created a one stop shop for EMS it did so by excluding representatives of the third services and in fact loaded the board with representation from fire organizations. The new board also includes appointed members that are not from the fire and or EMS services. Ashtabula County alone has three non-fire-based third service EMS agencies and one private service, these four entities combined cover huge territories and thousands of ambulance calls. Throughout the state of Ohio there are literally hundreds of Third Service EMS agencies. Many ofthese agencies have come together under the umbrella of the Ohio EMS Chiefs Association.This group is working hard to provide representation for the third service EMS agencies in Ohio to the elected officials, professional associations, and general public through a sustained and collective voice. One area that Third Service EMS Chiefs are working on is the passage of the Field EMS Quality Innovation and Cost-Effectiveness Bill (HR 2366). This is Bill is known as the "Field EMS Bill".

The Field EMS Bill would provide a level playing field, dedicated funding stream, and Federal level support of Emergency Medical Services. Non-fire-based EMS agencies currently have no meaningful opportunity for major grant funding. Passage of HR 2366 is the next step in securing the future of pre­ hospital care and it will aid EMS as it transitions to a community based Para-Medicine program. The field EMS bill also provides a home inside health and human services where we have belonged from the beginning. EMS is experiencing a paradigm shift and the future is bright and will bring care to patients in need by innovative delivery models. Enhanced evidence-based care provided to STEMI, Sepsis, stroke and other medical emergency patients is making a difference.Through proper funding and experienced solid leadership this work will continue.Forward thinking organizations such as the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians are and will continue to make a difference by supporting legislation such as the field EMS bill.

Currently there is no representation from Ohio on the EMS caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives. A congressional caucus is a group of members of the United States Congress that meet to pursue common legislative objectives.The EMS caucus in the US House of Representatives works to promote, educate, and increase awareness around the federal policy issues impacting EMS providers in addition to advocating for legislation related to EMS. The caucus provides a forum for members of Congress to raise public awareness issues facing EMS personnel. The caucus also educates members of Congress and their staff on these important issues.

Emergency Medical service is clearly a quality of life issue. Quality of life should be everyone's concern.

Northwest Ambulance District is located in Geneva, Ohio. Our staff is made up of full time Paramedics and auxiliary EMT's & paramedics. Northwest Ambulance District provides advanced life support 911 services to Geneva City, Austinburg, Harpersfield, Trumbull & Geneva Townships. The station is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
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